The complexity of today’s technology options has made it increasingly difficult for small to midsize business owners to select, implement, and maintain the software, hardware, and related processes that are essential for running your business at prices that fit within your budget. At Tellus Consulting and Project Management, we pride ourselves on being the IT department you thought you could never afford. We provide your business with the caliber of IT services, solutions, and support enjoyed by large enterprise companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing, at budget-friendly prices. Our team of technology professionals will help you maximize your IT budget, protect valuable business data, or outsource IT functions, all while providing professional support. We will assist your business with: server and network infrastructure implementation and maintenance; design and development of corporate intranet sites, social platforms for your business, customer-focused websites; device and mobile workforce management; disaster recovery and backups; database and BI solution design; customer relationship management (CRM) solutions; and development of custom software.

Tellus Consulting and Project Management has a team of highly-skilled IT service and support professionals with experience in a broad range of industries. Our team will take the time to engage with you and your team to learn about the current status of your business and its operation, the unique business challenges of your industry, your goals, and the desires of your customers. We will investigate and analyze the business problems you face, and apply our knowledge of IT best practices, solution design skills, project management expertise, and customer-service skills to solve each problem. Our consultants will present appropriate options and solutions, while our project managers will design and develop a detailed project plan for building the necessary systems and implementing smarter processes to help you achieve your business technology goals.

Whether you’re looking to outsource IT management and tech support, complement your in-house staff, or just want to improve your current technology, we will provide a technology solution to meet your needs—all within your budget. We make it easy by providing solid solutions that make technology systems smarter, more efficient, and more secure, and keep them running optimally so that you can concentrate on achieving your business goals. We solve your technology problems using world-class enterprise technologies such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Onedrive for Business, Azure Virtual Machines (VMs), and Azure SQL databases, and Sherweb Cloud IT.

Benefits of working with Tellus Consulting

More Productivity:

Less downtime, faster fixes, fewer daily problems, and better solutions will help you to be more productive.

More Free Time:

Having trouble finding ways to improve your business? When you spend less time worrying about technology issues, you can concentrate on obtaining new customers and improving other vital parts of your business. We can identify ways that technology systems can add value to your customers.

Less Stress:

Having trouble sleeping from worrying about the health of your IT infrastructure and systems? We can help you realize the health benefits of lower stress by providing your business with 24×7 support. We can even help you plan for disaster. You can relax knowing that even in the case of a fire, earthquake, or other disaster, your business can continue operation.

Greater Profits:

Manage expenses by scaling up or scaling back the services you pay for as your business needs change. A well-run IT infrastructure, along with a more productive staff, means your customers will receive better service from you. Less customer turnover, higher satisfaction, and added value all result in more profit for you.