IT Solutions – Legal

legalTime and resources are critical for the success of your legal firm. At Tellus Consulting and Project Management, our experts will help you to eliminate the burden and distraction of maintaining your IT infrastructure by providing efficient technology solutions to increase the productivity of you and your associates. Our team will work with you to ensure that you have the technology resources readily available so that you can concentrate more on your casework.

Because of the sensitive nature of legal work, we understand that you need reliable technology solutions that ensure all of your data, systems, and networks are safe, secure, and private. From hardware and software management to security updates and disaster recovery, we provide solutions to ensure that client information, case strategies, contract information, and attorney work product will never be compromised.

Our expert consultants will help you build client relationships and improve your legal practice through the wise use of these and other technology solutions:

  • Share information securely with clients and colleagues using SharePoint Online and Onedrive for Business
  • Manage case data and documents using Matter Center for Office 365
  • Access conferencing tools, schedules, email, and more from any device using Skype for Business, Exchange Online, and Office 365

IT Solutions – Accounting

Accounting industry professionals require a safe and stable IT environment to utilize technology in an efficient manner. The technology systems used by your firm need to be up and running at all times, otherwise your clients will lose confidence in your business and your reputation. At Tellus Consulting and Project Management, we provide solutions to make it easy for your employees to access public and private information over a secured office network, and can provide solutions to scale up your capacity during peak tax season for when you need it most.

We understand that you are directly responsible for protecting your client’s most valuable information and that data security is one of the main concerns for your business. Our team of experts provides reliable technology solutions that ensure your client’s private data—social security numbers, tax information, yearly earnings, and contact information always remains safe and secure, and that your firm is in compliance with relevant industry standards.

Our consultants will help your build your business and make the most of technology with these and other solutions for your accounting practice:

  • Manage client relationships and keep in touch using solutions based on Dynamics CRM, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Outlook
  • Securely collaborate with staff and clients using Onedrive for Business and Microsoft SharePoint Online, and Yammer
  • Keep client data secure and stay compliant using Microsoft Exchange, Enterprise Mobility Services, SQL Server and Microsoft Azure
  • Manage documents and gain new insight into data using Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft Power BI Pro

IT Solutions – Finance

RTG_emailtemplate_herobanners_professionalservices_v3 (1)At Tellus Consulting and Project Management, we provide you with more than just IT solutions that allow you to concentrate on your business and be more productive. We offer reliable technology solutions for the finance industry such as identity and access management, information protection, device and application management, and cyber intrusion detection to ensure the safety and security of your client’s private information.

We also help you prepare for regular security audits, meet compliance requirements with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and other government regulations for securing financial data, assist with the remediation process, and review and perform physical security audits if necessary.

Grow your business and your clients’ portfolios with the help of these and other technology solutions for finance professionals:

  • Collaborate and share data securely with clients using Skype for Business, Onedrive for Business, and SharePoint Online
  • Store and analyze client and industry data using compliant solutions featuring Microsoft SQL Server, Office 365, and Power BI Pro
  • Manage your team and back office using SharePoint Online, Yammer, and Microsoft Azure

IT Solutions - Mortgage

Today’s mortgage providers face significant challenges to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, all while improving loan quality and increasing business value. At Tellus Consulting and Project Management, we provide solutions that seamlessly integrate technology systems and applications that enable your organization to improve your business processes and meet your objectives while reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Our team of experts provides solutions designed to streamline processes, automate tasks, improve reporting and audit capabilities, and improve integration, while maintaining compliance with new regulatory requirements.

Our expert consultants will help you make technology a competitive advantage for your mortgage business with these solutions and more:

  • Manage client contacts with Dynamics CRM Online, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Office
  • Securely gather, store, and share client data using Onedrive for Business, Enterprise Mobility Services, and SharePoint Online
  • Collaborate internally with your staff and team using Exchange Online, Yammer, and SharePoint Online

IT Services - Real Estate

acctimgThe real estate industry is vast and diverse and we understand that each agency requires unique IT solutions to achieve streamlined workflow and expand their business in the emerging market. Our team of experts at Tellus Consulting and Project Management offers solutions to help you increase your productivity, grow your business, and remain profitable, all while remaining compliant with the latest real estate industry standards and regulations.

We provide technology solutions that feature an easy to use interface, are accessible by your agents at all times, keep system downtimes at a minimum, and protect the personal and financial data of your real estate clients. Our team of experts will design technology systems with the capacity to keep up with technological advancements that can accommodate the ongoing and future growth and expansion demands of your real estate business.

These are some of the solutions our expert consultants will help you plan, customize, and deploy in order to grow and manage your real estate business:

  • Track client data and interactions with Dynamics CRM Online and SharePoint Online
  • Collaborate with clients and transaction participants using Skype for Business, Onedrive for Business, Yammer, and Exchange Online
  • Manage back office operations and team member communications using SharePoint Online, Office 365, Exchange, and Yammer