Get end-user support for older Office applications

Microsoft provides limited support for older versions of the Office applications. This also limits the ability for Tellus Consulting to support these applications. The recommendations on this page and meant to help you get support while controlling your helpdesk costs.

If you are using any version of Office other than Office 365 ProPlus (part of an Office 365 subscription), please note the following support options:

Office 2019 and 2016
Installation of Office 2019 is not supported on Windows 7 or Windows 8.
Microsoft provides mainstream support (security updates) for 5 years (until 20204)
1:1 end user support is not available from Microsoft other than for installation.

Office 2013 and 2010
Mainstream support for Office 2013 and 2010 has ended
Extended support (security updates) for Office 2013 ends in April 2023
Extended support (security updates) for Officd 2010 ends in October 2020
1:1 end user support is not available from Microsoft for either product

Office versions prior to 2010 are unsupported by Microsoft

How to get support
Self-help is always available.
We recommend trying these options:
  1. Review the in-product documention (look for the Help menu or Help icon)
  2. Go to and enter a query. Be sure to include your product version in the query
  3. Searching Bing or Google can also result in good information. The advantage of older products is that other people have probably asked your questions before and received an answer.

Do not download scripts or software you do not know are safe!

1:1 support is available from Tellus Consulting 
Support for older Office products is always best-effort. We cannot promise we can help you if we can't get help ourselves.
Support will be billed at our hourly consulting rate.

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