New names for Office 365 offerings

Office 365 name change

Effective April 21, 2020, Microsoft will be changing the name of several Office 365 packages. These Office 365 packages are part of several offerings from Tellus Consulting.

Where appropriate, we will change the name of our offerings to match the new Microsoft branding. We have already started making the change and it will be completed by the time May invoices go out.

Why the changes?

The name changes are a good thing. The updated names are more consistent with the level of services in each offering package. For example, the middle level of service is no longer called “Premium”.

Updated names for Tellus Consulting offerings

Here are the updated names for our Office 365 offerings:

Previous offering nameNew offering name
Office 365 Business Essentials TCMicrosoft 365 Business Basic TC
Office 365 Business Premium TCMicrosoft 365 Business Standard TC
Microsoft 365 Business TCMicrosoft 365 Business Premium T
Office 365 Business TCMicrosoft 365 Apps for business TC
Office 365 ProPlus TCMicrosoft 365 Apps for enterprise TC

What else is changing?

There are always small changes being made to the Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) service offerings. However, this change is only of the package names, the branding. Nothing else is changing about the services at this time.

More changes?

Watch for more changes in the future from Tellus Consulting as we create more offerings.

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