At Tellus Consulting, we want our clients’ and their employees to have reliable and smooth-running technology. This means having devices and infrastructure, such as networks and accessories, that they can depend on.

We partner with premier hardware and device providers, to give you high value and satisfaction.

Why purchase hardware through Tellus Consulting?

  • Fast affordable setup and deployment. When you purchase through us, we are able to pre-configure devices before they are delivered to your office. This saves time and avoids on-site billing rates. It even allows us to include initial configuration of user devices for free instead of charging you hourly setup rates.
  • Greater support through partnership. Our partner relationships include advanced support and training from those providers. This helps us support you better. We can solve problems more quickly, and because we also standardize equipment across clients when appropriate, our knowledge and experience benefits multiple organizations.
  • Better inventory and tracking. When you purchase hardware through Tellus Consulting, we’re able to better track your device inventory and specifications, warranty data, and more. We can provide you reports for budgeting, accounting, etc.
  • Warranty repairs included. If a repair is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and your device is purchased through Tellus Consulting, we won’t charge you for troubleshooting the device, making repairs, or installing replacement hardware. We’ll even handle the warranty paperwork.

Depend on Tellus Consulting for dependable infrastructure and device solutions such as:

Surface for business

We’re one of the select number of Microsoft partners chosen to sell Microsoft Surface for Business devices. Let us help you delight your employees with devices:

  • Designed for the future of work
  • Built for modern security and manageability
  • Enables innovation that inspires

Servers, PCs, and accessories from Dell

As a member of the Dell Expert Network, Tellus Consulting has an inside-track into support and services for Dell servers, PCs, monitors, and more. Let us help you with game-changing ideas and practical solutions, tailored to your unique needs.

Cloud infrastructure

Almost every business has a cloud component to their infrastructure. Whether you are using SaaS solutions like Office 365, extending your on-premises environment to the cloud with online backups and disaster recovery, or if you are developing new solutions or your customers, Tellus Consulting has the expertise in cloud architecture to help you put the cloud to work.

Build a secure, scalable cloud infrastructure using Microsoft Azure

Power, cooling, enclosures and other support systems from APC

By partnering with APC and Schneider Electric, Tellus Consulting can help you plan your infrastructure and deploy it in a way that will ensure the longest lifetime for your servers and network equipment, simple cost-effective maintenance, and maximum security.

APC power and enclosures