One of the keys to keeping your technology infrastructure running smoothly is making sure that servers and networking equipment have reliable power, efficient cooling, and are easily accessible for maintenance.

IT deployments for small businesses or branch offices are typically relegated to small confined rooms, closets, or even on the office floor. At the beginning, the reason is typically similar to “we only had a few pieces of IT equipment so we just put them in here”. This works fine if it isn’t critical if IT equipment goes down. However, as your business grows, your reliance and dependence on IT increases and makes you more sensitive to IT downtime.

Often, it takes a downtime event – or series of events – before businesses commit to upgrading their environment to something more professional.

If you are starting out, we can help you create a server environment that will meet your needs now, and support your future growth. Or, we can help you take a currently inadequate server and network environment, and make it better.

Don’t let this happen to you

As a small food distributor grew, they realized that they couldn’t fulfill orders on-time without their IT systems, due to interrupted schedules and last minute orders. The reasons for downtime included:

  • Wrong server unplugged due to “rat’s nest” of cables.
  • Random equipment failures and server errors due to high temperatures.
  • Equipment turned off during power outage because not connected to UPS.
  • Cleaning person unplugged server.
  • UPS system failed due to battery needing replacement – and system had been signally the impending failure.
Examples of various Uninteruptable Power Supplies (UPS)

Key infrastructure support systems

There are 6 key concerns that need addressed when building out your server and network infrastructure:

  • Power – Providing stable power that avoids surges and allows for smooth shutdown during power outages
  • Cooling – Heat is the enemy of your equipment. Proper cooling is a must to ensure a long life and consistent performance
  • Physical security – Limiting access to your equipment helps avoid accidents and thwart malicious actors. Sensors, cameras, and monitoring software provide extra assurance.
  • Racks or enclosures – High quality equipment racks and enclosures help keep your systems organized, aid in cooling, and help distribute power efficiently. Enclosures also help ensure physical security.
  • Monitoring – Modern infrastructure support systems such as power distribution systems, UPS backups, and cooling systems can be monitored remotely and send alerts to warn you of potential problems, ranging from high temperatures to high humidity/moisture.
  • Lighting – Lighting is notoriously bad in server closets and micro data centers. Enclosures can help, along with good planning. And sometimes, you have to mitigate the problem by keeping a headlamp handy.

The Power of partnersnip

By partnering with APC and Schneider Electric, Tellus Consulting can help you plan your infrastructure and deploy it in a way that will ensure the longest lifetime for your servers and network equipment, simple cost-effective maintenance, and maximum security.

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